DA-500RM 6 Zone Remote Paging Microphone for the DA-*MT range amplifier

295 ₼
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-6 zone remote microphone for paging system. -Economy paging station with 6 zone mixer amplifier. -Each amplifier capacity of 6 unit remote microphones. -Multiple remote microphones cascaded together for use. -With 6 zones and one all zones selection buttons. -With 6 zone selection indicators. -With power, send and busy indicators. -With call button to enable the announcement after zone selection. -With chime for reminding before announcement. -Remote microphone is directly powered by the amplifier. -With two RJ45 ports for amplifier and for next remote microphone. -With microphone volume control and aux input. -With microphone priority dipswitch to set up master and slave units. -Straight CAT6 cable for communication up to 300 meters.