EVAC-500 6 Zone EVAC Controller, built-in 500W class-D amplifier, built-in EVAC and alert voice message by SD card, with fireman microphone, with AB speaker line low impedance supervision, with amplifier auto changeover into standby when fault, with

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-EN54-16 certification No. I/ISEETC. 000620190305. -Digital voice evacuation system all in one controller. -Integration of voice evacuation controller, remote PC software, zone paging controller, all main signal line monitoring, amplifier changeover, speaker line supervision, power supply monitoring and power amplifier, voice recorder, SD card, emergency microphone and fire alarm interface. -Auto broadcasting EVAC and alert 256 voice messages to pre-set zones. -Customized alert, evacuation & business message stored at SD card. -AB speaker line surveillance to avoid any speaker line failure. -Back-up power amplifier management. -Up to 120 zones by cascaded more router EVAC-500RT. -Support 32 units of remote paging microphone EVAC-500RM. -Support external connection of fireman microphone EVAC-500FM. -Support of touch screen microphone EVAC-500TM. -Redundant network cabling backup through CAT6 cable loop connection. -8 supervised control inputs & 8 control outputs, 1 fault, 1 reset & 1 EVAC relay outs. -Logs and fault events auto recording.