PA-200MC "10 Zone PA Controller with Mp3, built-in weekly timer, built-in 10 zone paging controller, with fire alarm interface.- - "

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-Public address system classic cost-effective medium to big-scale sound system intelligent controller. -Ideal PA sound system controller for school, shopping mall, hotel, and intelligent office etc. -All in one intelligent PA system controller built in weekly timer, 10 zone speaker selector, Mp3 player, remote 10 zone paging controller, fire alarm and voice evacuation system interface and programmable power sequencer. -Built-in weekly timer, monitor, 10 zone speaker selector, 6 channel power sequencer and Mp3 player. -Expandable from 10 zones to 160 zones. -3 modes of voice alarm: all zones, separate zone and neighboring zones voice alarm. -One amplifier or 5 amp inputs divided into 10 zones speaker output. -Timely broadcast up to 99 program sources. -Broadcast modes: random, repeat and circle. -4 regular programs and 1 spare program for emergency/particular circumstance. -Functional swift key for internal MP3 player priority manual broadcast. -Zone1-10 selector, all zone selectors, music/paging switch, ----MP3 swift button, swift program button, power control channel 1-4 buttons & menu button. -Power handling 5000W over each 10 zones -The system communication distance up to 1kms -Memory function even in case of power off.