VC-C30 Volume Control, 30W, 5 Steps, ABS

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-PA (Public address) system use 100V volume controller. -Background music system use 100 volt attenuator. -Classic range volume controller for cost-effective system use. -The volume controller is used to adjust the loudspeaker output in the room. -The volume controller is used to keep same output level for one same speaker line, because the end the speaker line signal loss is rather big, so its outputs is less, thus volume controller is added to the front of the line to lower the speaker output so as to keep the similar ambient output level for the all of the speaker in the same line. -High level white UV-protected -ABS material to integrate together with the white wall and architecture design. -Built-in transformer to control the PA 100V or 70V line loudspeakers. -With 4 levels of volume attenuator and one position of off. -Surface wall mount or in-wall mounting box shall be purchased separated. -24V relay are optional to buy